I didn't receive a confirmation email, did my order go through?

Order confirmations can sometimes be delayed, or even end up being marked as spam. As long as you received an Order # as part of your checkout, then your order has gone through.


I didn't receive a tracking number, when should I expect it?

You should receive a shipping confirmation email within 4-5 days of your purchase. If you don't receive one, it's possible that it got sent to your spam folder. These emails will come from contact@lisolesupply.com.


Why was my credit card charged multiple times?

When you complete a checkout, your credit card company puts an Authorization for the order amount on your card. This money has not been paid yet, rather your card company has put a hold on it for you while you check out. If your information then for some reason fails to validate (shipping and billing addresses aren't the same or you have insufficient funds in your account), then your payment will be declined. Your credit card company will release the Authorization within 2-4 business days after it is made depending on your bank. If you attempt to checkout multiple times, your card will be Authorized multiple times. 


I just placed an order, can I cancel it?

If you contact us before an order is fulfilled, we can stop your order from shipping and issue a refund within 2-4 business days. However, if your order has already shipped it can not be canceled or refunded. 


Are all of your sizes listed on the website available?

Yes, if something is visible on the website that means we have it in stock ready to ship.


I made two orders today. Can you combine them into one and refund the balance?

Yes, if you make separate purchases on the same day we can combine the shipping and refund the difference. However if an order has already been shipped we can not refund the shipping.


I didn't receive a shipping confirmation. Has my package been shipped?

Shipping confirmation emails are sent out automatically once an order is shipped, but sometimes those emails end up being caught by spam filters. To track your package, simply enter your order number on our tracking page by clicking HERE.


Why isn't my order showing up on the tracking page?

Orders that have yet to be shipped or scanned by USPS won't show up on the tracking page. Please allow 2-3 business days for this information to appear.


Tracking is telling me my label has been created, but it's not telling me where it is? Why is this?

This can mean one of two things: It is currently being processed or USPS missed the initial scan when they picked up your order. Tracking will be updated as soon as USPS scans the shipment. 


Can I change the address that my order is shipped to?

No, we only ship to the customer's billing address and cannot reroute packages once they have been shipped. No exceptions. If you entered the wrong city, but your zip code is correct, USPS will auto-correct this. 


I placed an online order, can I come pick it up at the store?

Yes, if you live in New York or are placing an order from New York you will be given the option to pick up your order at no cost. During the checkout process select in store pickup as the shipping option. You must bring a valid form of ID that matches the name on your online order when making an in store pickup.


I emailed customer service, how long will it take them to respond?

On a normal day, you should receive a response within 12 hours. It should take no more than 24 hours for a response.


These questions didn't help. Who should I contact?

If the above questions don't help, please email customer service at contact@lisolesupply.com.